I don’t know that these will become as regular as the Sonic Scrapbook, but why not give it a go. In fact, the last audio scrap, Let’s All Meet in Liberation Square, inspired this effort. Shortly after posting Al Jazeera made available much of its footage of the Egypt protests available for use via a Creative Commons license. So, I decided to try to set the music to video, and this is what I cobbled together:

PUTS (25)

Originally uploaded by Shakorian

I hate to get all gushy about Web 2.0 on you, but hardly a week goes by when I’m not amazed by the power of the Internet.

Case in point: I’ve got one kid and he’s halfway around the world teaching music in Beijing. It should go without saying (and to my embarrassment, usually does) that I miss him terribly. But thanks to Skype, blogs. social media sites and good, old-fashioned email we’re able to stay in pretty close contact.

Today’s evidence is the picture on the left, a shot some photog named Shakorian posted on Flickr from a People Under the Stairs show in Beijing. That’s my son in the lower left corner with both arms raised in the air. It’s nice – no, it’s great – to see him having fun.