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I was struck by the roots of this tree just outside Oval Maidan in Mumbai. This photo, admittedly, has very little going for it, but it does have texture. And it seemed somehow symbolic of Mumbai itself; ancient roots of this very modern city poking out all over the place. But that’s getting way too deep.

The photos from Hong Kong are all sorted through and processed into the following galleries:

These galleries are all relatively small, mostly 20 pics or fewer. The perpetual haze in Hong Kong made shooting a challenge. The Christmas shots are particularly bad, but the whole holiday experience was so surreal – you’d be sitting at an outdoor bar when oddly costumed characters would saunter by – that I had to post even a bunch of blurry, underexposed shots.

And of course, several galleries of photos from Beijing and the Great Wall are linked here.

I’ve posted a couple of batches of photos from our trip to the Great Wall of China. The photo journal of our little adventure is here. Right now it’s kinda slow; the image files are too large. I’ll shrink them and reload in the next couple of days. Loading problems should be fixed now.

Various shots of the Great Wall are posted in a gallery here.