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Foshay reflectionI caught this view while stopped at a light about a week ago at the intersection of 8th and Marquette in downtown Minneapolis.

The initial attraction was strictly visual – I thought the sharp reflection of the Foshay Tower off its newer neighbor, especially framed by the shadowed buildings in the foreground, was stunning.

But what makes me linger over the picture is more personal and/or historical. The Foshay was the Minneapolis skyline’s dominant feature for many decades, including my first 13 years. It wasn’t until the IDS Tower came along in 1973 that the Foshay started getting crowded out by modern glass and metal skyscrapers. I don’t lament that trend; I think the Minneapolis skyline has maintained a distinct, attractive character. But this view demonstrates how the Foshay can still capture the eye and dominate at least this slice of the urban landscape.